UC Davis Health Medical Center

California Tower

An Anchor Institution Project for the Community
The Project At A Glance:
Planning / Design
Late 2021
1 million sq. ft.
14 stories (main tower); 5 stories (pavilion)
$3.75 billion
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An Anchor Institution Project for the Community

Among its many community responsibilities, UC Davis Health works to address the social determinants of health, such as education, employment, and wealth using its position as an anchor institution to improve the health of the surrounding neighborhoods, community and region.

UC Davis plans to further its role as an Anchor Institution to help fuel the economic health and overall wellbeing of the neighborhoods surrounding its Sacramento campus.  Anchor institutions shape their practices around employment opportunities, small business contracting, volunteer ‘people-power’ and local investments to help create stronger local neighborhoods. This commitment includes providing job opportunities for local builders and tradespeople as well as setting prevailing wage requirements for all laborers who work on site.
The California Tower project reflects UC Davis Health’s long-time commitment to education, research, patient care and community health. It complements the health system’s mission of improving health for all. It is also the result of state seismic safety mandates, which require the demolition of existing patient care facilities at UC Davis Medical Center.

When completed in 2030, California Tower will include a 14-story hospital facility and 5-story pavilion adjacent to the existing medical center – part of a hospital complex which has served the neighborhoods at this location for 150 years. This new $3.75 billion project will further harness the advantage of being Sacramento County’s second-largest employer to increase community wealth-building and strengthen the socioeconomic infrastructure of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Facilitating a new paradigm of care
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Individual Rooms: A key to improving healing

A key highlight of California Tower will be single-patient rooms. Private rooms, rather than the traditional two-bed design, are known to enhance recovery and healing, and help reduce infection transmission. The new tower will have approximately 400 private rooms for patients.

The adaptability of the patient rooms to meet a critical care surge means the new facilities – with the potential for temporarily creating 400 ICU rooms – will be positioned to meet regional needs for the next 50 years. The tower project will roughly double the square footage of the medical center, creating a total of 675-700 inpatient beds for the entire complex.

California Tower will add approximately one million square feet of space. It will include new operating rooms, an imaging center, and new facilities for existing pharmacy and burn care units.
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Improving health outcomes

The core of UC Davis Health’s everyday mission is to increase the health of the community overall. The health system has long been the leader in providing care to the most vulnerable populations and underserved communities. The California Tower project will ultimately help improve health outcomes for area residents. The additional space and new facilities are being designed to meet the region’s hospitalization needs for the next five decades. That includes ensuring a robust health care safety net for historically marginalized populations, especially when it comes to providing the specialty care hospital services that UC Davis Health excels at.
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Leveraging economic power to improve health for all

Anchor institutions are place-based, mission-driven entities such as universities and hospitals, such as UC Davis Medical Center, which leverage economic power alongside human and intellectual resources to improve the long-term health and social welfare of surrounding communities.

UC Davis Health recognizes that significant disparities and inequalities in health outcomes exist for Sacramento’s under-resourced communities. The California Tower will not only benefit patients and patient care, but its construction is a project that will help address the social determinants of health that have long placed residents and families at risk.

The project means hundreds of construction jobs to build the new facilities. It also includes using local vendors and materials suppliers. Once completed, the state-of-the-art facilities will be a place of employment for clinical professionals and skilled employees alike. The permanent jobs and local investment will help address impediments caused by poverty and discrimination, both of which are associated with reduced access to safe environments and good health.